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Islam Comics

A New Way to Present Islam

Our Objectives

Nowadays, Muslims in the world are facing difficulties due to the negative portrayal of Islam and Muslims in the western media and the negative impacts of this portrayal on public opinion; Muslims are represented as terrorists and Islam as a violent religion. We would like to introduce the true message of Islam that is shared among all other religions such as Judaism and Christianity; we aim to encourage those people who have questions about Islam to find answers to their questions through original resources and not through the media that is spreading islamophobia.

Who We Are

We are a team trying to find out and collect the common questions created in people’s minds, mostly through the media, and provide proper answers to them to eliminate misunderstandings about Islam.

Our Previous Works

So far, we have five short stories in the form of comics on different subjects such as “hijab”, “Islam’s opinion about terrorism”, and “Ramadan”. The project was considerably welcomed by readers from different countries and many volunteered to help translate the works; each of these works has been translated into 15 languages, all by volunteers.

Seeing this amount of interest, we were encouraged to create a new collection. In this collection, we would like to focus on the common questions about Islam and try to provide answers to these questions for people who are curious to learn more about Islam through better resources.


You might know someone around you who is doing research on Islam, or maybe you would want to provide them with some information to help them in their research or eliminate their misunderstanding. In order to help with this, we want to create a book that introduces Islam in the form of comics and we need your help and support in this project.

Therefore, our current project:

Creating a book with eight stories on the following subjects:

  • What does Islam say about terrorism and terrorist attacks?
  • What does Islam say about hijab and the necessity of it?
  • Women’s rights in IslamJesus Christ and his mother, Mary in Islam
  • Racism and people of color in Islam
  • Ethics in Islam such as respecting one’s parents
  • Environmental laws in Islam
  • Animals’ rights in Islam

​Required Time to Complete the Project

Four months after getting funded.

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