Saint Mary and Jesus in the heart of the Quran

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Saint Mary and Jesus in the heart of the Quran Here is the church we were looking for. Let’s go see it. Allahu Akbar Oh, it’s Adhan now. If we go to the mosque and come back here again, we won’t have enough time to visit everywhere. But maybe I can… Yeah, the church is also a place of worship after all. Hi… Can I say prayers in here? Is she gonna pray in here?!! Whatever is she planning to do?? Isn’t it dangerous? Well, yes… You can use my room. Do you know him?  Of course I do. He is Jesus Christ. We greatly respect him. You mean Muslims are not like the Antichrist? Oh, don’t trust everything you see on the media. If we Muslims don’t believe in the prophets before Prophet Mohammad, we won’t be considered Muslims at all. You know, Jesus is named in the Quran as one of the greatest prophets and we too are waiting for his return. Did you know St. Mary is the only woman whose name is mentioned in the Quran as one of the best women in heaven and a good exemplar for the believers? Interesting! I should seriously start reading about your holy book! Great!


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  1. Bint_Fadhl

    Yes true. Jesus and Mary is indeed in our holy Quran. Mary is called Maryam,Jesus is called Isa. They both have their names in our holy book. Especially Maryam, that was dedicated a whole chapter called Surah Maryam.

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