Women’s Dignity

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Women’s Dignity

And that concludes my speech about Islam.


I know how to make fun of that man.

Why don’t you shake my hands?

You fear getting filthy, huh?

In my culture and religion, men don’t shake hands with women, which means more respect for women.

۸. مترجم: نگار باغانی translator : Negar Baghani

۹. English

۱۰. Islam، handshake، modesty، muslimwomen





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  1. Bint_Fadhl

    Please update us if you have new comics. I love to share them with my friends!

    • admin

      Thank you very much for your support. Comic production is expensive and we are a public NGO, so we haven’t posted a new comic for a long time. God willing, we will soon make a series of new comics and we will inevitably change the global content policy a little.
      Your support, dear friends, is our support

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