I’m proud to be a Muslim

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I’m proud to be a Muslim

۱- Ok mom, I’ll go to aunt Jamile’s this weekend, but only if dad allows my boyfriend to go with us!

۲- We Muslims have many problems, and the veil you and others are wearing is one of them! We came from far to work and live here, not to show our religion and history. If you want to demonstrate your religion or hijab, you should go back to your own country to live the way you wish.

۳- All of my ancestors are French and this land is my home country, my sister. Islam is my religion. You Arab Muslims sold your religion, and we bought it from you!

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  1. Syed Riyaz

    This is one of the most good deeds Allah is with this mission..Insha Allah this mission will unite Muslims and humanity for administrative setup of Imam Mahdi ajtf and his arrival insha Allah…

  2. Ansar-El

    This is disrespectful and a false representation of Arab Muslims all taking their hijab off, which is just not true even if it is a popular thing going around that does not me it is right to offend a large group of people that is very disrespectful and that makes you think the ones who run this site believe this as well.

    • admin

      Actually with al due respect to Arab Muslim Brothers and sisters, the comic is based on a true story. So, no harm

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