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Ramadan Click What happened? So sorry, I awake you! The month of Ramadan has started and I want to fast. I am hungry and I want to have a meal and drink a coffee, do you come? No, you go. I will go to the class. We can have lunch in 5 minutes. You go. I will stay here. I am worried about you!why did you eat at midnight and you did not have breakfast and lunch?! I am okay.. I am fasting! What is fasting? Why did you not eat any thing today? Fast means not to eat any thing from sunrise to synset. Why? God has commanded us to fast in order to strenghthen our will and remember the hungry people. You can do it too. It is an interesting experience. I think i can not do it It is too hot, let’s go drinking a juice! No … not only we must not eat some thing but also we do not have to drink! Oh i can not do it at all Translator: Elham Mollasalehi English #islam #ramadan #ramadankareem #fasting #islamicculture #muslimcultur @inspiration.elham


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